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About us

Jiangxi Ruihuang established in 2008, sepcialized in developing and manufacturing solar panels, the wattage of the solar modules is from 240W to 345W. It currently owns its own manufacturing plants with a total area of 50,000 square meters, with the 3 full-automatic production lines of solar panels.  This plants have an annual manufacturing capacity of

500MW. And our products get the TUV Certificate, CQC Certificate, CE certificate and BIS certificate.

Besides that, our experienced engineering team is committed to providing our customers with high quality solar panels, and solar systems and excellent customer service.



Contact: Mrs.Huang

Phone: 0086 15279089080

Tel: 0086 18979016977

Email: terrina.huang@ruihuangsolar.com

Add: NO.195 wuyinan Road, yushui district, xinyu city, Jiangxi province, China

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